Tuesday, December 10, 2013


last night was terrible. sunday night i had an omelette for dinner. i used my trustworthy local farm, carnivorous, corn-free, soy-free eggs. i haven't had eggs in awhile because of its high histamine content but i decided to live a little. the next day my skin was on fire. the itch was incredible. my office had the heater running all day yesterday too and i think it aggravated my already flaring, allergic skin.

when i got home from work i immediately washed my face and tried going to bed. an hour later i couldn't resist anymore. the itch was unbearable. so i let myself scratch. alot. it was all a blur. i had rage in my eyes. i was crying profusely because i regret what i was doing yet it felt so good. it was relief for the first time in days. i itched so hard and so long that at one point i gave up. i didn't care how horrible my skin was going to be the next day so i kept scratching for another 30 minutes while screaming and balling my eyes out. mike was so sad to watch me like this. after i was done i went straight to the shower to calm down. showers always help me. they throw me out of the itch cycle.. after my skin was red and raised so high above my normal skin. i was also oozing like crazy. i wrapped my neck in an old t-shirt and went to bed. 

when i woke up this morning i was surprised to see that my skin actually looked better than it has all week? i then realized it was because of my fake acrylic nails. because they're so rounded, smooth, and thick, it prevented me from tearing my skin apart. hopefully these don't fall out anytime soon...

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