Monday, March 17, 2014


here's a pic of myself that i took today on my way home from work. i'm wearing some foundation but you can definitely see the improvement.

it's been awhile since my last post. here's an update so far:


-face is much better now. still slightly pink but i'm not as fiery red anymore. i still have a day here and there when my face is redder than usual but for the most part it has subsided dramatically.

-neck and chest are improving quite a bit as well (finally!). less red but still splotchy. my skin definitely feels stronger here.

-no more oozing

-for the most part, the burning is gone as well.

-shedding decreased


-my elbows are still bad if not worse. skin is super thin so the slightest scratch will tear my skin apart.

-it has now spread to my wrists, on top of my hands, and forearms. very red, raw, and thick.

-still have insomnia. i haven't had a good night's sleep in forever.

-itch is still pretty intense but seems to be a lot better than before.

overall, i think i am doing much better! besides the fact that my hands and wrists are relatively new rashes, everything else seems to be doing better. i'm still in those flare cycles though but i feel that they're getting shorter each time. right after a mini flare i got into massive shedding for a day or 2 but after i'll have nicer skin for a couple of days.

hope all of you are doing well!