Monday, December 23, 2013


for the past couple of weeks my skin has gotten progressively worse. it's heart breaking. for some reason, i thought i would have it a little "easier" than everyone else. not sure why i thought that but i guess i was being overly hopeful. the rashes have turned into full, raised, and hive-y rashes. my neck rash is now creeping over my jawline and into my face. my forehead and around my eyes are red. the crooks of my arms are now creeping up to my arm pits. i have an oozing open sore under my left eye and a bit of raw oozing skin in between my eyebrows. speaking of eyebrows, they're starting to fall off at a rapid rate.

the other day i tried moisturizer withdrawal. it lasted only 1.5 days. it was so incredibly painful and paralyzing. my skin started to "crinkle". i did notice that i wasn't as itchy and my redness subsided a little. but i am not sure if i have the willpower to do it for any longer. now that i have moisturizer back on my skin it is back to being itchy and red.

i'm going to do a video blog soon. for some reason i can't take pictures right now. i am so devastated. i am so scared to see my family over the holidays. filipinos have a knack for being really loud and incredibly obnoxious. it's a culture thing. when i see them i know they're just going to stare and talk about my skin out loud. ugh, i feel so alone.

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  1. Hi Mel I've seen your videos just from searching TSW on youtube and I can totally relate to you. I'm in only reaching 3 months, I'm 31, filipina born and raised in the Bay Area, now living the Philadelphia area. This is hell. But it's nice to see you around this community. I would love to get in touch with you some how. I didn't see an email or find you on the TSW support group on FB (I'm more active on that page than itsan). You can email me @ Nice meeting you and take good care :) xoxo -Dawn