Sunday, December 8, 2013

DAY 44

my skin has been like this for the past 30 days. for about 5 days it seems to get worse and worse but then it gets better for a day or two. it’s been this same vicious cycle for the past month. the pictures below don’t show my face when it’s bad. usually my face, especially my eye area, is red and patchy.
skin is super dry, red, and leathery, especially on my neck and arm. my face is swollen and look like i've gained 15 lbs in the face. i have little blistering scabs that ooze fluid. it dries up and then i pick it off. at night around 7pm, when i come home from work is when the itchiness is at its worst. itch feels like it’s deep under my skin. sometimes i cry because it’s so unbearable. i itch alot in my sleep too. my fiance has to tie my hands up before i go to bed. i also cut and file my nails regularly too.

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