Friday, January 3, 2014


last night i was scared i had an infection because after i applied some neosporin, i started to run a fever along with more facial swelling and weird body chills. in the middle of the night i woke up to myself scratching the hell out of my neck. my neck was dripping with yellow ooze. i wrapped some gauze and tried to go back to sleep. woke up in the morning and the gauze was stuck to my neck. i had to slowly rip it off. it was drenched. ugh, so not only is the ooze affecting my face but now it's my neck. there's this white, filmy, sticky, residue that lays on top of my skin. i'm assuming it's the clear kind of ooze that has dried right after it seeps out of your pores. i went to the doctor earlier to get it checked out. doc says there are no signs of serious infection. the swelling and fever was probably because of the neosporin (i have a sulfa allergy). he could prescribe me antibiotics if i really wanted them but it wasn't necessary. i agreed. i also asked for some ambien to help me sleep. i haven't had a good nights rest since starting this damn thing. i take over 7 pills of 25mg of hydroxyzine at night and i still can't sleep nor does it help the itching anymore.

i have to go back to work on monday. not sure if i want to go back like this….

Thursday, January 2, 2014


2014 is starting off really…horrible. after xmas, i had a couple days of alright skin but now i am entering into another flare. i've had this weeping sore underneath my left eye for the past couple of weeks. it healed up for a couple days but then it came back and also spread to the rest of my face. i am now experiencing my first full-facial oozing fest. yay. the sore under my eye has grown to become really big. kind of scared since it's so close to my eye. when i was younger, i was hospitalized with eczema herpeticum and my eyes were sealed shut for a week.  i'm going to watch it carefully. tomorrow, if it feels worse, off to the doctor i go to get some antibiotics. as for the rest of my face, my eyebrows, whole right cheek, and jawlines are raw and oozing. at first, i thought it was dry skin so i peeled/rubbed it off. 1 minute later the "skin" started to grow back. i was like WTF i just peeled you! so i peeled it off again. a couple minutes later the crusty layers came back. then this is when i realized i shouldn't touch it anymore because it's an ooze fest and it needs to dry up. today will be the first time i use domeboro -- the hallmark trade of TSW :(