Saturday, November 1, 2014

TSW: 1 YEAR / Successful New Dupilumab Treatment


  1. Hi! I am 16 months down and doing very well, but I just wanted to have your doctor's contact info just in case? I am at LA as well.

    so glad you found something that is helpful for you!!

  2. 310 337 1717.
    Ask for Dr. Sofen or Wendy who manages the trial in the office (and is also the most lovely, caring nurse ever). They're located right by LAX.

  3. hi mel. how r u? hope u doing very well
    i left a comment on ur video on youtube.
    was just hoping u answer me

  4. Hi Mel, I'm in LA also and I've been following your YouTube videos. I have severe chronic atopic dermatitis/eczema and last week, I was enrolled, randomized and injected for the Dupilumab trial with booster (unsure if I got Dupilumab of the placebo). Currently i'm also going through TSW because of the washoff of the topical steroids to be in the trial and it's rough, lots of itching, flaking, burning feeling, oozing, and loss of sleep but Dupilumab does sound very promising. Last January, I even flew out to Denver to see allergist, Dr. Donald Leung at National Jewish Health who is supposed to be the guru of atopic dermatitis/eczema. He was already involved with the Dupilumab study and told me that it was a very promising drug for atopic dermatitis as it works on IL-4 and IL-13, also my other allergists and dermatologists who have heard about the results from the earlier phase studies of Dupilumab have also had high hopes for it. Hoping that you're doing well on the study and with the TSW. Thanks for the informative videos, keep in touch.


  5. It's been over two years since you posted anything on your progress. Are you still on the drug, and are you still fully healed?