Thursday, September 11, 2014


hi everyone,

a bit of bad news since my last update not so long ago. i've started to flare a couple days ago and oh boy, these rashes spread like wildfire. it's pretty bad, if not worse than my early days in some places. i've got these enormous red raised rashes all over my body except for my legs. every rash seems to ooze and weep, as well. my hands and arms are probably the worst. yesterday i started getting some pretty crazy facial edema and i couldn't open my eyes this morning cos they were so swollen. face is very red and rashy.

i've had a nice break for the past couple of months so i expected to flare but not like this. it took me by surprise and everything happened so fast. it's weird to ooze all over when you haven't had that happen in a long time. i do not miss that feeling.

last year i flared pretty bad in september which caused a chain reaction of  steroid shots, creams and pills. so i'm wondering... is it pollen? is it the weather? i don't know. all i know is that the day my fiance came back from being out of town for 2 months, i started to immediately flare. "i'm allergic to you!" i say jokingly. and than i realize. anytime he comes back from traveling for long periods of time, i start to flare. i sound so ridiculous lol and i'm mostly being facetious.

but still. this sucks real bad. hope this subsides soon.

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  1. hi Mel, are you feeling better now? I just watched your youtube videos, which led me to your blog.. Could this be your "anniversary flare"? Hope it passes quickly and you're not suffering too much. I'm 5 months in and doing phototherapy right now.