Thursday, January 2, 2014


2014 is starting off really…horrible. after xmas, i had a couple days of alright skin but now i am entering into another flare. i've had this weeping sore underneath my left eye for the past couple of weeks. it healed up for a couple days but then it came back and also spread to the rest of my face. i am now experiencing my first full-facial oozing fest. yay. the sore under my eye has grown to become really big. kind of scared since it's so close to my eye. when i was younger, i was hospitalized with eczema herpeticum and my eyes were sealed shut for a week.  i'm going to watch it carefully. tomorrow, if it feels worse, off to the doctor i go to get some antibiotics. as for the rest of my face, my eyebrows, whole right cheek, and jawlines are raw and oozing. at first, i thought it was dry skin so i peeled/rubbed it off. 1 minute later the "skin" started to grow back. i was like WTF i just peeled you! so i peeled it off again. a couple minutes later the crusty layers came back. then this is when i realized i shouldn't touch it anymore because it's an ooze fest and it needs to dry up. today will be the first time i use domeboro -- the hallmark trade of TSW :(


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    1. I've got no tub to soak in :(
      Lately I've been doing domeboro soaks with gauze all over my face and neck at least 2x a day. It's definitely helping! I'm now obsessed with that stuff!